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Life Insurance

Life insurance is important in protecting your family’s financial future. There are many different options and every family has different needs. Life insurance can be confusing and overwhelming; let our team will help guide you and your family through the process and provide several competitive rates for both term and permanent life insurance options.

We have access to a wide range of life insurance companies in multiple states. This means we can compare coverages and costs on your behalf, at no cost to you.

The two most common types of life insurance are term and whole life insurance. Term policies tend to be the most common and least expensive.

Term Life Insurance

You are essentially “renting” coverage from the insurance company for the term of the policy you choose. Term policies cover your beneficiaries for a certain period of time, such as 20 or 30 years. If you pass during that time of having the active policy, your beneficiaries will receive the face amount of your policy, tax-free.

Whole Life Insurance

This policy doesn’t have a set expiration date and it also earns cash value.  This policy offers flexibility when it comes to payment amount; you can take loans against the cash value and even sell/transfer the policy.

Life insurance rates are dependent upon your age when you obtain the policy as well as your health history. The best time to purchase life insurance is when you are younger.

Some of the companies we partner with:

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